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It meant the whole world to me that someone could show me that generosity that you admired so much.

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"I bought a piece of Tisha's art for my bedroom as it relaxes me and makes me feel good" " I love Impressionism & Brush Painting.Postings that are inappropriate, of an overly personal nature, or are deemed to be pure nonsense, will not be validated.We used to edit postings for bad language or insults, but this takes too much time.This will delay the appearance of submitted postings by twelve hours or so, but will keep the board free of Spam and nastiness.Irrelevant or multiple posting will be treated as Spam and deleted.At the time of their first meeting, on August 26, 1970 at the Troubadour nightclub in Los Angeles when Leon was in the audience during Elton’s United States debut, one of the two pianists had already written two hit songs, played on over a dozen Top 40 records, and was at the beginning of a six-year run where ten of his albums appeared in the Billboard Top 100 charts – including one live album and one greatest hits collection. Each man had, within the preceding few months, released an eponymous album to critical acclaim.


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