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An independent Yellow Pages publisher is a company that publishes Yellow Pages directories as alternatives to the local phone companies.

The independent directories include similar headings and advertisements, and are distributed to local households and businesses in the market areas.

Get details on your GTT services by calling the toll-free number and following the interactive prompts.Please provide the following: a) compile a mini submission for the law firm to show some of its clients, the range of its work, and a handful of examples from each of the past two years b) identify other key law firm competitors in the jurisdiction (while this means we might end up ranking them, it gives us a pointer as to who else we can approach about their interest in adding a chapter) c) contact other law firms in the jurisdiction that you know to be interested in a Legal 500 and encourage those law firms to contact us as well giving their take on why.The editorial research is based on firms’ written editorial submissions, and follow-up research with firms and their referees.The Browse directory features frequently-requested lists and prepared search results.Resources is a more comprehensive A to Z directory of help pages, research guides, and news sources related to Congress.Please refer to the editorial submission guidelines for details of the information we ask for.


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