Dyndns not updating

All updates are sent using a well-formed HTTP request.Dyn will pass back a return code that the client needs to parse. If you have questions about the syntax, please contact Dyn support. It is not necessary to open any incoming ports (or allow incoming ICMP) for updating.Fragment base-64-authorization should be represented by Base 64 encoded username:password string.If this parameter is not specified, the best IP address the server can determine will be used (some proxy configurations pass the IP in a header, and that is detected by the server).The update client runs in the background, so once you have it properly configured you don’t have to worry about it; you only need to remember your hostname to reach your files and services.

An update client is a computer application or a feature in your router that keeps your hostname’s IP address up-to-date.

So it seems that the only the Actiontec's are not communicating with DYNDNS.**EDIT - I deleted and recreated the DYNDNS host in both Actiontec devices - no luck.. Thanks I checked the Actontec logs and I see the following entries after I try to manually update within the device: Apr 23 2014 System Log Message No response from server Apr 23 2014 System Log Message Error connecting to host Apr 23 2014 System Log Message estream_connect_ssl_efd 39: failed ssl connetion The first thing that caught my eye was the mis-spelling of "Connection"My second thought was "SSL".though I have SSL set to NONE.

Rebooted both devices as well.**Edit 2 - I just checked a 2rd remote device.. Maybe this is heartbleed issues and Dyn DNS is preventing any connections from certain devices? I've been meaning to contact them asking if they have any idea why this is.

Years ago someone at Dyn DNS (the guy that started/was running it in fact) told me never use the update software built in to routers (at that time). For the record, the Actiontec Dyn DNS code apparently doesn't work at all anymore. I don't see Verizon making much effort to actually fix this functionality.

It has nothing to do with your account standing at dyndns.


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