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It just means buying one here is at least 10% less costly compared to buying one in the U. It was purchased at a Toronto authorized agent in January 2017 by an avid watch aficionado collector customer of ours.The watch saw hardly any wrist time as he has many other watches that get used in rotation. The case, bezel and bracelet are virtually blemish free.Binswanger fills the post working alongside morning anchor Deb Lawler that was left vacant after the April retirement of Joe Mathieu.WBZ-AM director of news and programming Peter Casey states, “This is a homecoming that’s a perfect fit for WBZ and for Josh.He was a member of Valhalla and his greatest joy was playing golf. As long as the sun was shining, he was on the first tee, waiting to share time with his friends and maybe even win a few bucks.When not on the golf course, you could find Bert and Ann Leah, his loving wife of 51 years, at the race track or at a U of L game.

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Karla Mink, 58, died Friday, May6, 2011, at Hardin Memorial Hospital.

Weld Wheels Heat Race 1 saw Phillip Mock and Matt Vandervere battle early for the lead. Thiel was second quick with a 12.931 second effort with Schultz earning third fast on a lap of 13.040 seconds. Were going to go get some rest and get the cars ready. Miller also offered an apology to Blake Nimee who he was attempting to lap and the resulting contact drew a late caution.

As the race drew to a close Bill Balog had worked his 17b around Vandervere and into 2nd place as the caution flag flew. Travis Whitney who had won the A-main last evening was sidelined this evening with an oil lead that developed in hot laps. I didnt mean to get into the 79 out there, but I had to go.

Coming in at #3 was North Korea’s ongoing nuclear threats against the U.

S., followed by intensifying Russian military activity at #4. i Heart Media Alt Rock WXDX, Pittsburgh Re-Ups with Pittsburgh Penguins.


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