Past dating

The question still remains amongst many netizens while the gossip is spreading via the Internet. ㄴ 1504210 Krystal insta post with her selfie by mentioning “what’re you doing? For the past few months it’s been going Viral in Korea that T. This week, Cube Entertainment opened up about Guan Lin’s future activities and gave fans more information about the agency’s upcoming boy group.

The worst that happened, of course, was a few bad dates with some socially awkward men… boys who were clueless as to what dating actually involved. Rumors of their relationship have began to circulate by an anonymous gossip with Korean netizens’ community from last year. ㄴ The girl has recently visited in Japan; Krystal left a country with her sister on April 12. Krystal debuted in 2009 as a member of f(x) with the song Lachata.Actually, its rumor has been trending on Twitter despite being unconfirmed. P (1504210) created his first-ever SNS account for Instagram. P insta post with a selfie which looks like a Krystal’s picture. ↓ ㄴ Some netizens are recently picking up the Dating rumor after T. P uploaded a picture of one girl with her back; One of the photos concerning his exhibition, from the back, the woman looks like Krystal. Just like the Bomi Kai ship or the Suho Another Apink member ship, there’s no actual base to this. If top and Krystal date, many felt that it was wrong of the two to openly display their affections for each other through posts disguised as if they were addressed towards fans on the SNS accounts they had opened to communicate with fans. The group earned much popularity and attention after the release of electric shock, becoming a rising star in the hallyu wave.In this modern day and age people can no longer say, "we are dating," as casually as they used to.Dating in society is not as easy as it was back then.Born and raised in Taiwan, the singer is popular not only for his dancing skills and strong visuals, but his ability to speak Chinese, Korean, and English.


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