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De Mario Jackson says he lost job after sex assault accusations Olympios was reportedly unaware of what went down in the pool and Jackson thought "everything was fine" the following morning until a producer filed a complaint that the woman may have been too intoxicated to give consent.After the producer complained, believing that Olympios may have been too drunk to consent, ABC’s parent company Warner Bros. The producer did not actually witness Jackson and Olympios together, but heard about it second or third hand, a source told E! The producer reportedly heard accounts of Olympios's state from a cast member and crew and became concerned she wasn't of the right mind to consent to whatever sexual activity occurred in the pool.Minie the Owner is charming loving personality and also her staff are very hard working. I was going to stay only four nights its going on a america a poor working man like myself would never been able to stay in a loving quality hotel and hostel.A source told the Los Angeles Times that Olympios was very drunk at the bar, kissed Jackson and then they proceeded to get in the pool together naked.The source added that it was "very raunchy" like "soft core porn." Olympios herself said in her statement she doesn't remember what happened but that, "something bad obviously took place." De Mario Jackson seeking therapy after sexual assault allegations Two weeks after production was shut down, Jackson gave his side of the story to E!

In the kitchen I saw the biggest roach ever -- no need to say more.Landlord tenant law in New Mexico protects the rights of its tenants.These rights include the right to the security deposit, the right to rent disclosure and the right to notice before landlord entry. For leases that are less than a year, the most a landlord can collect is one month’s rent.New Mexico landlords are not lawfully required to do a walk-through inspection of the unit with their tenant before the tenant moves out.New Mexico's Security Deposit Law Tenants in New Mexico are protected by the Federal Fair Housing Act.A landlord must return a tenant’s deposit within 30 days of the termination of the lease.


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